Modern Home Decoration Tips in 2022

It is not necessary to acquire the apartment or the adjoining attic to enlarge your own accommodation - a few layout and Modern Home decoration tips are sometimes enough to settle the question of square meters. The most obvious solution (and certainly the least expensive) is to invite mirrors into your interior. Fixing a full-height model against a wall creates volume while increasing the brightness of the room. It is also possible to turn to mirror baseboards, not very widespread at the moment, but which are very effective in lightening the atmosphere.

Above all, lighting should never be neglected in small areas, shadow areas should be avoided as much as possible, which tend to accentuate the impression of lack of space. Our two homeinterior designers recommend working on the lights by multiplying the sources - spotlights for diffuse and homogeneous lighting, supported by small, more decorative accent lamps which contribute to the atmosphere.

The lights add the finishing touch to the decoration of this small one-bedroom apartment. Their role is not only decorative, however, since they contribute to the Diwali lighting of every corner. The lights add the finishing touch to the decoration of this small one-bedroom apartment. Their role is not only decorative, however, since they contribute to the lighting of every corner.

If we think of decorative accessories to create illusions, the power of paint should not be underestimated. Anup regularly uses color in her renovation projects to multiply the volume of a poorly calibrated room: "With a (too) high ceiling, it is essential to rebalance by playing on horizontality. That's why I 'm used to creating a colored base that visually lowers the ceiling and makes the space feel warmer." Another alternative is to Diwali house painting a single wall in a much darker shade, just to create depth. A layer of midnight blue, green or even anthracite gray can therefore modulate the volume. This trick also works with panoramic wallpaper according to the interior designer - who however advises avoiding strong contrasts and favoring dominant light shades such as white, greige or sepia.

In this master bedroom, the panoramic wallpaper on the headboard naturally creates depth. The dominant white in the coating does not affect the brightness of the room. Directed by Anup. In this master bedroom, the panoramic wallpaper placed at the headboard.

Stretch the lines of his apartment

Creating a sense of space within a home takes a bit of thought. The appearance of the apartment greatly influences the adjustments to be made, and in some cases, the Home décor trends not enough to increase the volume tenfold. If the circulation lacks fluidity, it is because the layout itself is not adapted to the surface. Our two interior designers agree on the importance of made-to-measure storage: in all interiors (including family homes), they make it possible to reduce the number of nomadic pieces of furniture and therefore free up passage areas. In a studio where every centimeter is precious, you can Redmi new Mobile a platform where the sleeping area is set up, with built-in drawers to store clothes and suitcases", explains Anup. But storage is not only useful for meeting storage needs; it can also influence the perception of a volume.

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